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Jun 13

Abenbare House, by D’Arcy Jones: the big reveal

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Abenbare House, by D'Arcy Jones Design, Toronto

Recently in the Globe I wrote about an intriguing house project, in Toronto, by the Vancouver architect D’Arcy Jones. Abenbare House. It is a new bungalow, which replaces a 1950s builder bungalow on a suburban lot. That is an odd choice, formally, but the the house has a complex and very successful contemporary interior.

Pictures after the jump..

 The great 20th-century innovations in housing – open floor plans, strong connections to the outdoors, and forms and details that are cleanly geometric – came to Toronto in the 1950s, in the toolboxes of ordinary builders. The family’s old bungalow was a product of this diluted, mainstream modernism. Their new house shows how much life is left in the old modernist ideal, and how interesting it can be to make it new.


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