No Mean City: The World of Architecture, As Seen From Toronto

May 12

An interesting Enigma

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The next big step for Toronto’s architecture and urban form is the proliferation of midrise buildings – five- to 10-storey buildings that can fit into the many gaps in the city’s streetscapes.

Like, for instance, a cold-storage warehouse next to houses, a railroad line, light industry and houses.

I really enjoyed , Enigma Lofts, for The Globe and Mail.

[Architect Richard Witt] describes the building as “a kinked tower,” but in fact it’s more like three buildings: two L-shaped blocks, each four storeys tall, arranged to frame a courtyard, and a five-storey bridge across the middle from one to the other.

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The forces shaping those forms are many: rail lines, zoning rules, views and, yes, a fair bit of artistry.

I’ve had things to say about the role of midrise developments in the reshaping and intensification of downtown. This one seems like a remarkably good design for an odd and problematic place. It’s exciting.

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