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Mar 29

Atelier Kastelic Buffey: Alpine Chalet

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It’s rare that a story about a vacation home provides an opportunity to explore one of the basic questions in contemporary architecture. Yet: In today’s Globe and Mail I’ve got a story on a contemporary ‘barn’  by Atelier Kastelic Buffey, and I do that, writing about the role of traditional building forms in contemporary design.

This house, constrained by suburban-style restrictions on the architecture, has a gabled roof, and the architects (who I also wrote about a few months ago) drew its proportions from barns in the area. Yet the building’s material choices, detailing and interior layout are resolutely contemporary and specifically a bit Swiss in character.

More importantly, they make no apologies for adopting a rural pre-industrial typology for a luxurious ski-club house. And, in this case, I’m convinced.


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