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Oct 28

Banksy, here are some Canadian skyscrapers that aren’t “vanilla”

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Telus Sky

A bit of click-bait I wrote for The Globe: Five tall buildings in Canada that aren’t so dull.

(I could have included some other towers.)

My piece was, of course, in response to this provocation by Banksy..


2 comments on Banksy, here are some Canadian skyscrapers that aren’t “vanilla”

  1. James
    on Oct 30, 2013
    at 3:44 pm 

    As ticked as I was to see that unpublished article, I am glad he said it. Although we may have a few towers that are interesting, for the most part Canada’s new architecture is very bland and very forgettable. And what is most unfortunate is that we as Canadians have squandered the last 20 years of massive growth into architecture that allows for these type of comments.

  2. Alex
    on Nov 3, 2013
    at 10:19 pm 

    On the other hand, James, we should be careful in our criteria. Most big buildings anywhere – even Manhattan – are dull and bland. “Interesting” is a dangerous thing to wish for. Dubai is interesting. It also has a lot of very bad architecture.

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