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Jun 28

Clear Lake Cottage by MJM Architects

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Clear Lake Cottage, MJM Architects

This week in The Globe and Mail: my story on a contemporary cottage designed by Ted Watson of MJM Architects.

From the outside it is a low, irregularly shaped trapezoid with triangular points on both ends. Mr. Watson jokingly compares it to a Stealth bomber, which is pretty apt. Decks on either end are made of clear cedar, but once you step into the building you are on a concrete floor. The walls around you and the vaulted ceiling above are wrapped in Douglas fir plywood; the central hallway is marked by a stripe of black-stained cedar and a fireplace made of black mild steel.

All this, according to the architect, makes it comfortable. “We really wanted to avoid making the building feel too precious, where you have to take your boots off,” Mr. Watson says. “So it has a very robust exterior, and the concrete floors – which are heated, so they are literally warm, even if some people think concrete is figuratively cold.”

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