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May 23

TOUR: Mazen Studio, Markham House

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Mazen Studio recently designed the interior for a house near Toronto that’s an artful combination of high-desert California modernism and a heavy-timbered 1970s ranch house.

I wrote about it for International Architecture and Design; here’s the PDF (5 pages). More, and pictures, after the jump..

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Working with a couple of clients who travel often to Southern California (and South Florida), Mazen El-Abdallah did a thoughtful job of importing materials and moves that fit in those contexts – spiky grasses, George Nelson furniture, a conversation pit – into an unusual blend.

Mazen, a young architect and designer whose work I’ve covered here and in Desinglines, usually works in a more contemporary mode. He’s achieved something really interesting here, I think. It’s not so much that the specific materials or moves are unusual; they are mostly quite common. But it’s an un-placeable mashup of details and textures that is impossible to tie to a specific moment in design history. It is, in a word, timeless.

Photos by Scott Norsworthy.



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